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T3 Rpi WiFi Router Setup TP Link TL-WR902AC

We recommend purchasing this router pre-programmed to provide the rpi wireless network, but it must still be connected to your local school WiFi.

This router allows you to connect to any type of wireless network and re-broadcast it as a local private WiFi network – also one LAN port can be connected to a local networking device such as a Raspberry Shake.

This allows the RPi computers to talk to each other over the LAN and do other local area networking tasks.

Configuration Guide for Pre Programmed Router:


Programming router using config.bin

  1. Plug your router in to your rpi using the Ethernet cable
  2. navigate to and login to the router settings, the username and password are ‘admin’
  3. in the side bar navigate to system tools -> backup & restore
  4. Configuration File: select the file you just downloaded
  5. press ‘Restore’
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