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RPi Minecraft + Python Introduction

Goal: Interact with Minecraft using the Python programming language and Minecraft’s application programming interface(API). What You Will Learn: Basic Python Programming Use of the Minecraft API What is an API? To put it simply an API is a well defined…

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RPi Camera Setup

In this activity we will set up a camera and write a program to control it using Python. This project worksheet from Raspberry Pi will be a valuable resource to keep open during the installation and setup.

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RPi Sense HAT+Minecraft

The Sense HAT was developed by the folks at Raspberry Pi as an add on board that contains a number of sensors and a LED display. In this lesson we can demonstrate how to use the Sense HAT in conjunction…

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4. Github Intro

Github is known as a repository for cool programs that can be used in all sorts of ways on your Pi. In this lesson we will learn how to install programs from Github using the terminal. First lets install a…

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RPi Python: LED Ring Clock WS2812

Prereqs: Have Raspbian Stretch installed, running, and connected to the internet. You should refresh on how to easily edit files and navigate the filesystem using a terminal in these tutorials: Terminal Intro Editing Files Intro Next some configuration, To correctly…

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RPI Python: DHT-11 Temp / Humidity

Prereqs: Readers should be familiar with navigating using the terminal and editing / running python scripts. Tutorials are available here: Terminal Intro Editing Files Tutorial Hardware setup: Carefully observe the ports and connect the positive line to the 5v, negative…

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