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RPi Node-Red: OLED Display

Table of Contents 1. Connecting the OLED module to the Raspberry Pi Video Tutorial: Begin by connecting your VDD (red wire) and GND (black wire) cables. Connect your SCL (SCK on OLED module) and SDA wires. Connect the VDD…

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Completed Version Of The Raspberry Pi Car

RPi Node-Red: Car Kit Assembly

Table of Contents Mounting the Raspberry Pi computer Installing the Battery Mount Mounting the Front Camera Prep and Mount the Motor Controller Connecting the I2C pins (SDA, SCL, VIN, GND) Voltage Regulator IR Laser BME280 Temperature/Humidity Sensor OLED Display Install…

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RPi: Streaming raspberry shake data to node-red

Goal: Learn how to send seismology data from a raspberry shake into a separate raspberry pi with node-red. And how to use the data once it arrives.   Resources: Raspberry shake, setup following this guide: A separate raspberry pi…

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Rpi: Time and Timezones

Goal: Understand how to configure time and timezone settings on the raspberryPi. What you will learn: How to set the timezone on boot, or later and make sure time is being updated correctly. What you will need: RaspberryPi and an…

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