Teaching Through Technology (T³) Alliance is an adaptable curriculum with a comprehensive instructor support system that can be widely adapted to increase the STEM interest of high school students.

Pathway to STEM Field Careers

T³ Alliance students’ increase their interest and confidence in pursuing a STEM career by learning and applying their technology knowledge.

Teaching Through Technology (T3) Alliance

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T³ Alliance provides instructors and students online and in-person support to adopt a curriculum detailing the scientific background and hands-on use of Raspberry Pi programmable devices, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles (air, land, and water).

A small and affordable computer that can be used to learn programming and utilize a variety of sensors, solve problems and have fun.

Designing and developing the three-dimensional digital models to make a physical object for use in rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

Autonomous aerial, land or sea (drone, robot or gliding submergible) vehicle technologies used in combination as remote sensing and robotic platforms.

Teaching Through Technology

Upcoming T³ Alliance Instructor Trainings

Promote student interest in STEM career fields — infuse your Upward Bound program with high-interest technologies.


The introductory training for new T³ Alliance includes: learning to assemble a Raspberry Pi computer with attachable sensors; instruction in programming using NodeRed; understanding and implementing Design Thinking to address community problems; and empowering students to develop a growth mindset. Participants will visit locations where UB students are engaged in local service projects using the T³ Alliance model.




Upcoming Training Opportunities

May 9-11, 2019 • Las Vegas


T³ Alliance partners can access continuous technical support and collaborate across partners on common projects.

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