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Rpi: Time and Timezones


Understand how to configure time and timezone settings on the raspberryPi.

What you will learn:

How to set the timezone on boot, or later and make sure time is being updated correctly.

What you will need:

RaspberryPi and an internet connection.


Getting Started:

The first time you boot the raspberryPi you’ll be confronted with this setup page:

This is because WiFi requires a working timezone setup from the start, when you click through you’ll have some localization settings.

But if you need to get to these settings again, they can always be accessed through the configuration menu here:
This screenshot is after I used the WiFi applet to connect to the internet, which I’ve circled.

Here is what it looks like when you set the timezone, it’s also important to configure the WiFi country correctly or you won’t be able to connect to WiFi.

Finally, you can confirm that the time is being synchronized over the internet using the terminal.
Here I’ve opened a terminal, and used ‘timedatectl’ to confirm that network time is enabled, and that the time has been synchronized.

You can also confirm that your timezone settings worked correctly here.

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