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Welcome to the T3 Alliance website – our gateway for participants, partners, and the general public to access the project resources, materials, references, and a fully-open curriculum.

Curriculum – browse the publicly available integrated curriculum that promotes the application of the technologies into community projects.

Forum – participating Upward Bound partners can use the T3 Alliance forum to collaborate with other schools and to our technical support team.

Resources  – receive more details on recommended materials, terminology, calendar, and other supporting resources for the curriculum and technologies.

About – learn more about our program, project partners, and the team behind this effort.

We use high-interest technologies combined with a Growth Mindset environment and design thinking to encourage students to enter the workforce. The project foundational technologies are:

  • Raspberry Pi – A small and affordable computer that can be used to learn programming and utilize a variety of sensors, solve problems and have fun.
  • 3D Printers – Designing and developing the three-dimensional digital models to make a physical object for use in rapid prototyping and manufacturing.
  • Autonomous Systems – Autonomous aerial, land or sea (drone, robot or gliding submergible) vehicle technologies used in combination as remote sensing and robotic platforms.
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