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Raspberry Pi and Programming

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive credit card sized computer that runs Linux and can be programmed to interact with a variety of sensors. In the T³ Alliance, students build their own “computer” with the raspberry pi and progress through a series of challenge activities that build their familiarity and skill level with a number of programming languages.

3D Printing and CAD

3D printing is a process by which hot layers of plastic are deposited in a systematic way to build a 3D object. The process of designing the 3D object takes place in a CAD (computer aided design) program. Students in the T³ Alliance learn to design in a basic CAD program and print their designs on a 3D printer. 3D printed parts can be combined with the other technologies.

Autonomous Vehicles and GIS

Autonomous vehicles are capable of moving on land, in the water, or in the air without direct control. Commonly called drones, they are useful in collecting data that is too dangerous or expensive to collect by other means. A GIS (geographic information systems) is the avenue by which the data is displayed in a map-based format.

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