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Talent Search T3 Alliance Onboarding

Talent Search T3 Alliance Onboarding

Fairbanks, Alaska
Oct 13-16, 2019

The T3 Alliance On-Boarding Training programs includes programming with Raspberry Pi kit with attachable sensors; instruction in programming using NodeRed; understanding and implementing Design Thinking to address community problems; and empowering students to develop a growth mindset.

The T3 Alliance program focuses on training instructors using cutting-edge technologies: 3D printing, programmable Raspberry Pi devices, and autonomous vehicles (land/sea/air) that inspire students to pursue a STEM career field. Students’ knowledge is reinforced using Design Thinking to solve a local community issue with their new technological skills. Throughout the process instructors learn how to develop students’ resilience and a Growth Mindset. Training will be adapted to meet the needs of specific audiences to involve local community engagement opportunities.

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