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The T3 Alliance first year starter kit is focused on the Raspberry Pi, sensors, and growth mindset brush bot kit. The Raspberry Pi T3 kit is a (box) and core computing components optimized for use in the T3 Alliance curriculum. The individual pieces of hardware are available from a wide variety of vendors online, but for user convenience, it has also been made available as single bundle from our industry partner Easybotics into a Raspberry Pi T3 kit.

The complete kit can be purchased here

The T3 Raspberry Pi kits contain the following components which are available from a variety of online vendors:

Raspberry Pi and Support Parts

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • micro SD card 16GB – includes customized raspbian image
  • micro SD card reader
  • micro USB cable 1M
  • USB power supply 3 port 5V 2.4A

Screen / Human Interface Parts

  • Easybotics laser cut wood case kit – user assembled
  • LCD 10″ 1280×800 – includes speakers, 50CM HDMI, USB power
  • USB 78 key keyboard – compact, full size keys
  • USB mouse

Project Parts/Components

  • Input Parts:
    • rPi compatible 5MP camera
    • BME280 temperature, humidity, pressure sensor
    • 2x push button module
    • push button matrix – 8 buttons in one
    • HC-SR501 PIR infrared motion sensor
    • SR-04 ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Output Parts:
    • OLED Display 128×64 i2c
    • RGB LED ring 50mm 12 pixel WS2812 – with wire
    • 12mm piezo active buzzer
    • Servo 9 gram
    • 2x LED Modules – Built in Resistors
  • Connection Parts:
    • breadboard 400 holes
    • 2x alligator clip jumper wires – random color
    • 40x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm M-F
    • 40x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm F-F
    • 40x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm M-M

Growth Mindset

  • 2x Brushbot kit
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