In addition to the base RPi  T³ starter kits you receive we recommend some additional items and kits. The quantity of additional items depends on the size of your program and the student to kit ratio you would like to have. Two students to one kit ratio is possible or a one to one ratio.

Raspberry Pi – (first year focus)

  • Raspberry Pi Complete Starter Kit
  • Extra RPi 3B+
    • 2 spare per 10 kits recommended in-case they are broken during use.
    • purchase
  • Power Strip
    • one per 3-6 kits
    • Others can be used – plugs should be oriented with round hole towards the end for USB power supplies to fit properly
    • purchase
  • USB 3.0 to Micro SD Card Reader/Writer
    • one per classroom, if you already have a Micro(or full size with adapter) SD reader in your laptop you do not need this.
    • Allows for creation of new Raspberry Pi SD cards or re-writing of corrupted SD cards using the free program Etcher – for a fresh start
    • purchase
  • Spare 16GB Micro SD Card
    • We recommend having 2-3 spares per 10 students (each kit does include one installed in the raspberry pi)
    • Must be written with our custom Raspbian image to work with the RPi.
    • Many different 16GB SD cards will work, this model is known to work, reliable, and the same model included in the kit.
    • purchase
  • Wifi Wireless Travel Router
    • One per classroom – highly recommended to purchase one per program
    • Allows local networking between RPi’s without wires, school WiFi will usually limit local networking
    • Do not connect WAN/LAN Port – Use “Share Hotspot” Mode – Ask us for help if you have questions.
    • Please order this exact model. Post on forum for help using
    • TP-Link AC750 Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router (TL-WR902AC)
  • LAN Ethernet Cable
    • Only necessary if you do not already have a LAN cable available
    • For the above wifi Access point
    • purchase
  • HDMI Splitter
    • Only necessary if you want one image on two HDMI screens at once
    • Allows teacher to display Raspberry Pi output on kit screen + projector at the same time
    • purchase
  • HDMI to VGA Converter, Active
    • Only necessary if you have an older projector/TV without HDMI connection
    • purchase
  • HDMI Cable 10 foot
    • Only necessary for presentation if you do not already have long HDMI cables
    • Connect RPi to Projector / large format TV for classroom presentation
    • purchase
  • USB Document Camera 
    • Allows teacher to show class wiring on pi – not necessary if you already have a document camera.
    • purchase

3D Printing

  • 3D Printer (QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer QIDI TECH I)
    • Our tutorials utilize this printer – if you already have other printers that you are familiar with that is okay too.
    • purchase
  • PLA 1.75mm 1KG
    • for above 3d printer
    • other brands are okay
    • be sure to get “1.75mm PLA”
    • recommended to purchase one roll per 3 students
    • purchase

Growth Mindset

T3 alliance uses Brush Bots for the initial introduction to growth mindset. 2 kits are included in each raspberry pi starter kit.