Raspberry Pi T3 Alliance Customized SD Card Image

Having the ability to re-write the SD card of the Raspberry Pi is very handy if something goes wrong and you cannot easily find a way to fix it. Using this download along with a way to write to the SD card you can start completely fresh with your Raspberry Pi computer. – Keep in mind that any custom programs/data on the SD card will be lost –

To copy the image onto a micro SD card please use the software Etcher from it works with any Windows, macOS, or Linux computer – But cannot run on the Raspberry Pi itself.

Materials you will need:

If you are using the older 7″ screen model you have to modify /boot/config.txt file after you have flashed the SD card – on windows 10 you can mount the boot partition as it is FAT I believe, and use notepad++ or other text editor to add in the resolution settings to the config file.

Resolution config file
1024×600 hdmi_group=2
hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 3 0 0 0

This is not necessary if you are using the newer 10″ screen model.