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A small and affordable computer that can be used to learn programming and utilize a variety of sensors, solve problems and have fun.

Raspberry Pi Lessons

Building The Raspberry Pi Box
Mini Grow Tower Control System Pi ConfigurationGoal: Configure a Raspberry Pi to become a Vertical Hydroponic Grow Tower control system and GUI. What you will learn: How to configure Node-Red, as well as configure MQTT and cron, to set up an automatic on/off timer for grow-lights and pumps and Node-Red dashboard as a user-friendly graphical user interface for users to interact with. The full list of materials are linked below
RPI Node-Red: MH-Z19 CO2 SensorGoal: Setup an MH-Z19 using node-red and start reading data What you will learn: All about the MH-Z19
RPi Node-Red: Button + BuzzerGoal: The push-button, RGB-LED, and buzzer lessons have all presented input and output separately, but in this lesson we'll be combining them for the first time. Composing input with output and vice-versa is one of the things that makes node-red so powerful! What you will learn: How to link Input (Push-button) with output (Buzzer) using node-red. Also how the buzzer and button can be wired to the pi at the same time.
RPi: Node-Red: An easier way to use the BME-280Goal: Retrieve data from a bme-280 sensor using node-red, parsing the data using the easybotics bme-280 node. What you will learn: Configuring easybotics air-quality sensors, What you need to know: Getting started with node-red Parts List: Raspberry pi BME-280 Internet Connection
RPi Node-Red: OLED DisplayGoal: Connect and configure an OLED module to display information What you will learn: How to connect an OLED module that uses an SDA and SCL communication protocol. What you will need: - Raspberry Pi - OLED module - Jumper cables
Rpi Node-Red: Car Kit Battery Gauge DashboardIn this lesson you will add a battery gauge to your web dashboard!
Completed Version Of The Raspberry Pi Car
RPi Node-Red: Car Kit AssemblyGoal: Assemble a Rpi Car from the parts kit What you will learn: Special considerations for connecting sensors and screens, and how all the parts go together. What you will need: Full RPi car kit
RPi Node Red: Logging Data to ThingspeakGoal: Setup thingspeak, an online data logging service that allows you to create and view graphs online. Send data from node-red to thingpseak and log your own data online. What you will learn: What thingspeak is, and how to configure node-red to send data to it.
RPi Node Red: Remotely accessing node-red and VNCGoal: Access your node-red flows or even your Raspbian desktop remotely from another computer. What you will learn: How node-red exposes itself over the network, and how to access it. Also what VNC is and how it helps you use your raspberry-pi remotely.
RPi: Building a ShakeMeter with Raspberry Shake and Node-Red
RPi: Building a Raspberry Shake seismogram on the Node-Red Dashboard
RPi Node-Red: Advanced Multi-Button Board + RGB LED
RPi Node Red: Streaming rpi camera to dashboard
RPi Node-Red: Inject + Debug = Hello WorldHow to use the inject node to send the phrase "Hello World!" to the debug terminal 🙂 This is a classic getting started example and is usually done when first learning to program in a new language.
T3 Rpi WiFi Router Setup TP Link TL-WR902AC
T3 Lesson 8: Project – Make a Whoopee Cushion:
T3 Lesson 7: Advanced Node-Red and the camera
RPi: Streaming raspberry shake data to node-red
T3 Lesson 6: Node-Red and programming the GPIO pins
T3 Lesson 5: Scratch and Basic Programming
T3 Lesson 4: Computers, Raspberry Pi and the internet of things
T3 Lesson 15: Air Quality Sensors
Rpi: Time and Timezones
T3 Lesson 3: Building the Box & Raspberry Pi Kits
Rpi Airquality Station: Indepth Assembly
RPi Airquality Station: setting up the default flow
RPi Airquality Station: setup and access
RPi Airquality Station: Creating an Animated Nyancat Wallpaper
RPi Node-Red: Uploading pictures to Google Photos
RPi Airquality Station: Logging Airquality-Data to GrafanaGoal: Log data to an online grafana database, and then view the resulting graphs and maps. What you will learn: Configuring easybotics air-quality sensors, setting up the grafana logging node viewing the logged data.
RPi Node-Red: BME280 Temperature Pressure HumidityGoal: Start reading Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity data from a BME-280 sensor; and then graph it on the node-red dashboard. What you will learn: How the BME-280 communicates with node-red, and how to setup node-red to use the data usefully.
RPi Node-Red: Minimal Selfie Station Tutorial
RPi-NodeRed OLED IP Address Display
RPi Node-Red: BuzzerGoal: Use node-red to output onto the GPIO pins to make a piezoelectric buzzer go off. What will you learn: How to output onto the GPIO pins using node-red, and how a piezoelectric buzzer works.
RPi Node-Red: PIR + RGB LED or Buzzer
RPi Node-Red: RGB LEDGoal: Introduce the power and utility of the raspberry pi's GPIO pins by using them to control a RGB LED Module. What you will learn: What is a GPIO pin and how does it work, how does it relate to node-red. The technical steps of wiring the LED module to your rpi, and getting the software to interact with the hardware.
RPi Node-Red: Push ButtonGoal: You can use the GPIO pins can be used for output, like making the RGB Module change colors, but most of the time you will using them as in input device. Sensors like the BME-280 can send data about weather, or a sonic sensor can tell you how close something is. However the simplest possible sensor is a button that simply reports on or off. The goal of this lesson is to learn how to start using node-red to receive input through the GPIO pins. What you will learn: How to read the state of a push-button wired to the GPIO pins through node-red.
RPi Node-Red: automatically running node-red, as root
RPi NMAP Network IP Scanner
Selfie station example project
RPi Node-Red Auto Start
RPi Node-Red: Ultrasonic DistanceGoal: Read distance measurements from the sonic sensor within Node-Red What You Will Learn: How the ultrasonic sensor is wired and how it can be programmed.
RPi Scratch 2 + GPIO Introduction
RPi Minecraft Cannon
RPi Minecraft + Python Introduction
RPi Node-Red: Neopixel LED RingGoal: Use node-red to control a LED ring What you will learn: About nodes that take more complicated input such as strings, and specifically how to setup a LED ring flow in node-red.
RPi Node-Red: CameraGoal: Install the Raspberry Pi camera and take a picture using node-red What you will learn: How to install a Raspberry pi camera, and how to configure the node-red camera node to actually produce images.
RPi Node-Red: PIR Motion SensorGoal: Setup a PIR motion sensor and read its output in node-red What you will learn: What is a PIR motion sensor, how it's wired to a raspberry pi, and how to setup node-red to read its output.
RPi GPIO + Scratch 2.0
RPi GPIO: Wiring LEDWhat can you do with the 40 pin connector and just an LED?
RPi Minecraft + Networking
RPi Scratch Reaction Time
RPi: Editing Text files and Python Scripts with Raspbian
RPi Sense HAT+Minecraft
4. Github Intro
RPi: Terminal + Python Intro
1. Getting Started
LCD setup 7″ 1024×600
RPi Python: LED Ring Clock WS2812
RPI Python: DHT-11 Temp / Humidity
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