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Selfie station example project

Here is an example of an applied design thinking project done with a class of 17 students at the University of Hawaii Hilo Upward Bound T3 alliance program during the summer of 2018.  Node Red and physical Raspberry Pi setup instructions can be found on this post. Students had mastered the skills associated with basic […]

Setting up Node Red for a Selfie Station

Here is the Node Red setup for a Selfie Station where a button is pushed, a LED light ring turns on, a photo is taken, which is then emailed to a dedicated email.  Its very similar to this project that was done by teams of students at UH Hilo. Step 1.  Set up the light […]

RPi Node-Red Start Auto Start

When deploying a Raspberry Pi as a permanent/semi permanent installation is will be useful to have Node-Red start persistently, in the case of power failure, etc. Open a terminal and paste the following command sudo systemctl enable nodered.service Now Node-Red will start automatically when the Raspberry Pi boots up.

RPi Node-Red: DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Please wire up your DHT11 sensor as below: To be able to use the DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor we will have to install the Node-Red node and the BCM2835 library to support it, the easiest way is explained below. First open a terminal  window and copy and paste the entire code block and press enter. […]

RPi Node-Red: Sonic Sensor (HC-SR04)

Goal: Read distance measurements from the sonic sensor within Node-Red What You Will Learn: Basic Circuit Prototyping Basic Node-Red Programming What You Need to Know: Getting Started with Node-Red In Depth Breadboarding Tutorial Parts List: What is a Sonic Sensor? It is a sensor that works based on the principles of echo location.  The sensor […]

RPi Scratch 2 + GPIO Introduction

Goal: Using a button control a sprite within Scratch 2 and then to turn an LED on and off. What You Will Learn: Control the GPIO with Scratch 2 Wire a button with a pull down resistor Parts List Breadboard Push Button 10k Ohm Resistor 1k Ohm Resistor LED Some Jumper Wires What is a […]

RPi Minecraft Cannon

Goal: Using Minecraft’s API and the Python programming language, spawn a cannon that’s orientation and launch trajectory can be adjusted in real time. What You Will Learn: Introduction to Github What is GitHub? GitHub is an online repository that offers version control.  It is most often used for computer code and interacted with using a […]

RPi Minecraft + Python Introduction

Goal: Interact with Minecraft using the Python programming language and Minecraft’s application programming interface(API). What You Will Learn: Basic Python Programming Use of the Minecraft API What is an API? To put it simply an API is a well defined method of interacting with some kind of software.  Think of it like the rules to […]

RPi Node-Red: Neopixel LED Ring

Goal: Use string injection nodes and a specific LED ring node to control a LED ring What You Will Learn: Basic Node-Red Programming What You Need to Know: RPi Node-Red: LED Tutorial Parts List: Getting Started: Setting up the Hardware Use jumper cables to attach the LED ring as in the image. Attach the red […]

RPi Node-Red: Camera

Goal: Install the Raspberry Pi camera and take a picture using Node-Red Parts List: Pi Camera Pi Camera Ribbon Cable Getting Started: Power off your Raspberry Pi and the follow the instructions on this page to install the camera. Setting up Node-Red Start Node-Red and navigate to  Into the flow area drag an “inject” node […]