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Raspberry Pi Bootcamp Regional Training

March 10 & 11th
Regional Training at Miami Dade College
Homestead, Florida

The T3 Alliance Raspberry Pi Boot Camp prepares an instructor with the technology skills and the classroom management skills to teach and lead a group of students. The program focuses on the T3 Alliance Raspberry Pi Kit and how the sensors can be utilized in in community based projects.

** SPECIAL NOTICE ** Due to the travel restrictions caused by the Coronavirus, T3 Alliance will be offering a special online opportunity for this training to the first 10 people who respond. Cost = $300. The training will be a live, interactive event via Zoom.

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The T3 Alliance program focuses on training instructors using cutting-edge technologies: 3D printing, programmable Raspberry Pi devices, and autonomous systems that inspire students to pursue a STEM career field. Successful instructors create a culture of growth mindset in their program and help students utilize the Design Thinking Process to translate technology and communication skills into community engagement projects.

The training event will be held at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus. Participants will see examples of community projects that students at this Upward Bound Program completed during the previous year.

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