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RPi Raspberry Shake: Setting Up A Raspberry Shake NOOBS Image

RPi Raspberry Shake: Setting up a raspberry shake NOOBS image


Create a  raspberry shake SD card used to setup a raspberry-shake for the first time


SD card, SD card reader, Raspberry Shake NOOBS zip:


The raspberry shake is mostly a hands-off piece of hardware, it just needs to be assembled, plugged in and left alone. Though you might need to setup an SD card if your kit didn’t come with one, or you need a replacement. Once the card is written, the raspberry shake will install and configure itself as soon as it’s plugged in.

Preparing the SD card:

The raspberry shake installer needs the SD card to be formatted with a specific type of file system called FAT32, usually if you buy a blank SD card it comes pre-formatted like this; but if you’ve already used it for something its not a sure thing.

We’ll use a piece of software called gparted to format the SD card, so the first step is to install gparted with the following command:

sudo apt-get install gparted

next, from the same terminal run gparted as root:

sudo gparted

When gparted is open go to the top right of the window, and select your SD card from the drop down; a good hint is to look at the size in GiB. I know my SD card is 8GIb so its probably the one labeled ‘7.4Gib’ not the 16 Gib one.
Make sure to never edit /dev/mmblk0/ because this is probably the card your raspbian is running on.

One you have the sd card open, right click on all the partitions listed below, and select ‘delete’. Gparted only applies operations in a separate step, so even though we deleted the partitions here it won’t actually do anything until we hit apply later.






After deleting the old partitions its time to make a new one, right click in the area we deleted the old partitions from, and select new. All the settings can be left at their defaults except for changing the file system to ‘FAT32’ as pictured.

Next the last step is to hit ‘Apply’ which is the green trick button in the bar next to where we selected the SD card. When it asks you if you’re sure click ‘Apply’.

Formatting the SD card will take a few seconds, after its done you can close gparted and remove and insert your SD card so rasbpian can re-detect it.







Setting up NOOBS:

For this step you need to download this zipfile:

When your SD card is re-detected, open it in the file manager from the pop-up window.
Here I have the SD card open in the right window, and the raspberry shake zip open in the left

Open Action -> Extract, and copy the path for the SD card into the field here:
This extract step might take a while, after its done you can eject the SD card and you have a finished raspberry shake install image!


The next steps are actually setting up and connecting to the raspberry-shake, the indepth manual and tutorials for this process can be found here:

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