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RPi Scratch Reaction Time

Programing is about giving a computer a set of instructions. Instructions can be given in a text based format or in a visual format. Scratch is a visual programing language that allows a user to easily create interactive stories, games, and animations by dragging specific bits of code to an area and running the program. To get an idea of what Scratch can do, share this overview video.

Scratch can be run in a browser on a regular computer but it is a bit resource intensive to run on a Pi. Two versions come installed on the Raspberry Pi, the classic version labeled Scratch, and an updated version Scratch 2.0.  Scratch 2.0 tends to be a bit less responsive, however it has some very cool features that are explored in a later lesson.

Have students open Scratch (not scratch 2) from the program menu and follow along with the tutorial below.

When students have been able to do some basic functions in a Scratch environment introduce them to this project creating a reaction time game.

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