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RPi Node-Red: RGB LED

Authors: Ben, Chester, Sprinkels

Introduce the power and utility of the raspberry pi's GPIO pins by using them to control a RGB LED Module.

What you will learn:
What is a GPIO pin and how does it work, how does it relate to node-red. The technical steps of wiring the LED module to your rpi, and getting the software to interact with the hardware.

Parts List:

Video Tutorial:

Setting up the hardware:

Setting up on Node-Red:

Have three out nodes, each representing one of the three outputs. For each out node, have two inject nodes (on and off)

Setting up Out Nodes

Configure Red output to GPIO13 (pin 33)


Configure Green output to GPIO19 (pin 35)

Configure Blue output to GPIO26 (pin 37)


Setting up Inject Nodes:

Configure ‘off’ switch for inject node – Set payload to 0

Configure ‘on’ switch for inject node – Set payload to 1

Deploy the flow

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