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RPi Node Red: Remotely accessing node-red and VNC

Access your node-red flows or even your Raspbian desktop remotely from another computer.

What you will learn:
How node-red exposes itself over the network, and how to access it. Also what VNC is and how it helps you use your raspberry-pi remotely.



Raspberry pi and another computer on the same network, the other computer could be running Windows, OSX, or a different Raspberry Pi Computer.


Whenever you use node-red you run a background service

Node-red runs as a background service on your raspberry pi, whenever you use node-red through a web browser you are actually accessing a web-page being hosted by that service somewhere on your pi. This means that not only can you access node-red through the browser on your own machine, but also on any other computer connected to the same network.

You can even access your rpi’s desktop itself, using a VNC client that comes pre-installed on the raspbian image that comes with your t3-kit. This means you can effectively remote control your computer from any other device on your network

Accessing node-red:

You’ll only need two things to access your node-red flows over the network. A computer connected to the same network (WiFi or LAN) that can run google chrome, and the RPI’s IP address.


To find the IP address of the pi that’s running node-red, hover the mouse pointer over the applet until the IP address appears as pictured.

Here it says our IP address is
Node-red hosts itself on localhost on port 1880 by default. On the computer running node-red it can be accessed via localhost:1880 For anyone else they need to connect explicitly to the device.

Type this into a web browser on another computer on the same network: (your IP address will be different – but keep the :1880)
In google chrome it looks like this.

Any changes we make to our flow here will be reflected on the RPi running node-red. Therefore we have remotely accessed our node-red flow over the network!



Connecting over VNC allows you to essentially remote-control your RPi over a network, and with the right setup even over the internet.

First go to the main-menu and go into the Configuration menu.


In the interfaces tab enable VNC


After you push okay the window will disappear, and soon the VNC icon will appear in the top bar. Click on it to open the VNC window.


On the other computer you’ll need to install VNC Viewer.


The same IP address we used to connect to node-red is used to connect to VNC, the VNC Server window also shows your IP address under “connectivity”.





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