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Rpi Node-Red: Car Kit Battery Gauge Dashboard

In this lesson you will add a battery gauge to your web dashboard!

  1. Select the OLED tab at the top
  2. Find the dashboard section in the nodes palette- you can search for “gauge”
  3. Drag in a gauge node from the dashboard section
  4. Connect the gauge to the upper INA219 output node

  1. Double clicked on the gauge node – click the dropdown to set the dashboard to display this node on.
  2. Set label to “Battery”
  3. Set units to “V”
  4. Set range to 0 and 4.2
  5. Set the colors to those shown in below image
  6. Set the sectors to 3.3, 3.6, and 4.2

Save these settings the “Done” button and then “Deploy” your changes to have them take effect. View your dashboard to see the changes.


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