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RPi Node-Red: Camera

RPi Node-Red: Camera


Install the Raspberry Pi camera and take a picture using Node-Red

Parts List:

  • Pi Camera
  • Pi Camera Ribbon Cable

Getting Started:

Power off your Raspberry Pi and the follow the instructions on this page to install the camera.

Setting up Node-Red

Start Node-Red and navigate to  Into the flow area drag an “inject” node and a “camerapi takephoto” node.

Link them together.

Deploy the flow, then point the camera at something and press the inject button.  The camera will take a picture and then store it in /home/pi/Pictures by default.  Open the file explorer.

Click on the Pictures folder.

There your photo is!

Whats Next?

  • Try and trigger the camera node with a Raspberry Pi input node connected to a button or PIR sensor.
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