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RPi Node-Red: Camera

Install the Raspberry Pi camera and take a picture using node-red

What you will learn:
How to install a Raspberry pi camera, and how to configure the node-red camera node to actually produce images.

Parts List:

  • Pi Camera
  • Pi Camera Ribbon Cable

Getting Started:

First the camera needs to be physically installed and enabled.

The installation looks like this, note the orientation of the connector compared to the USB ports.


Next the interface has to be enabled. First find Configuration settings in the main menu.


And enable the camera interface like this:

Setting up Node-Red

Start Node-Red and navigate to  Into the flow area drag an “inject” node and a “camerapi takephoto” node.


Link them together.


Deploy the flow, then point the camera at something and press the inject button.  The camera will take a picture and then store it in /home/pi/Pictures by default.  Open the file explorer.

Click on the Pictures folder.

There your photo is!

Advanced Camera Settings

By double clicking on the camera-node you can access some more advanced camera settings.

Here you can adjust what kind of filename the images will be saved with, or even apply effects to your photos like making them black and white, or adding a sketch filter.


Whats Next?

The next step is to integrate the camera with something other than an inject node.

For example, activate with a button or the ultra-sonic sensor.

Or the fully featured selfie-station!

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