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3D Printing: Setting Up QIDI Print Software and Slicing


The goal of this lesson is to setup the QIDI Print software for you 3D Printer


What You Will Learn:

  • How to download and install QIDI Print Software
  • How to download a file from Thingiverse and slice it on QIDI Print


Parts List:


Video Tutorials:





NOTE: There are both WINDOWS and MAC Tutorials included here but both are very similar


Getting Started:

Step 1 (Downloading Software and Print File):

Download the QIDI Print Software


Choose Your Software


Click The Download Icon


Click “Download Anyways” and the download will start


Now go a head and download the T3 Logo file, just clock the “download files”



Step 2 (Installing QIDI Print – Windows):

Click on the .exe file you just downloaded and you might get the “Windows protected your PC” just click more info


Then click “Run anyways” and the QIDI software will start to install


Now just go through the installation process



Step 2 (Installing QIDI Print – MAC):

Go to your downloads folder and extract the QIDI zip file


You should see this file appear. Go ahead and open it by double-clicking



Step 3 (Extracting T3 Logo – Windows)

Click on the T3 Logo zip file and you’ll see this window pop up


Just drag and drop the “files” folder onto your desktop



Step 3 (Extracting T3 Logo – MAC)

Extract the T3 Logo zip file by double clicking



Step 4 (Setting Up QIDI Software)

Now Here’s where you can select your printer, After you’ve selected your printer click “select printer” and then you’ll get a little tour of the software


Step 5 (Importing Files – Windows)

Click the folder icon in the upper left hand corner and go the to “files” folder we put on the desktop and choose the .stl


Step 5 (Importing Files – MAC)

Click the folder icon in the upper left hand corner and go head to the folder in your downloads and choose the .stl file



Step 6 (Changing Settings)

For PLA Prints you want you make sure under “Material” that PLA is selected and that your Temperature is 230 C


Step 7 (Slicing)

NOTE: The X-Pro and X-Plus use the file type (.gcode) and the QIDI I uses (.x3g). The software will default the sliced file type to whichever printer you’ve selected

When you’re ready to start slicing go ahead and click “prepare”

Now Click “Save to File” and here’s where you would put it on your SD card


Here’s what the X-Plus looks like


Here’s what the X-Pro looks like


Whats Next:

Why don’t we try and print that file we just sliced

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