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3D Printing: QIDI 3D Printer + Software Setup


Setup your QIDI 3D printer from un-boxing to first print – you can use other 3d printers but will have to find their own instructions

What You Will Learn: 

  • How to assemble your printer
  • How to level the bed of your printer
  • How to slice 3D STL models into files the printer can print

Parts List:

Un-boxing and Assembly

Printer Bed Leveling


Since the Qidi printer is based on an open source design there are quite a few different printer control software packages you can use. The one we have settled on that seems to work best with the most useful features is the Flashforge Flashprint printer software. When using this software you need to select “flashforge



  • Download Appropriate Software for your computer:
  • Choose Creator Pro as your printer: 
  • Load your STL file, if you need a 3D model to slice you can download your T3 logo here from Thingiverse!
  • Slice your 3D model by clicking on Print and selecting the appropriate settings
  • PLA is the recommended material – make sure you have PLA loaded into the printer also
  • Save your .x3g file to the 3D printer SD card you should have plugged into your laptop
  • Thats it! your file should be ready to print on the QIDI 3D printer!


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