Growth Mindset

Brush Bot Kit

Brush Bot Kit

T3 Alliance uses Brush Bots for the initial introduction to growth mindset. Two kits are included in each Raspberry Pi starter kits.

The growth mindset is the single most important predictor of how far a student will go in a STEM career field. Learning to reframe failures as learning opportunities is how students in the T³ Alliance are able to tackle the problems facing society.

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Growth and Fixed mindsets are states of mind that relate to a learner’s perception of how abilities and skillsets are acquired. An individual with a growth mindset tends to see challenges as opportunities for learning something new, while an individual with a fixed mindset tends to see a challenge as a threat to be avoided. Students in the T³ Alliance learn to recognize and utilize behaviors and patterns of speech that support the development of a growth mindset. Students who have a growth mindset feel safe enough to take risks and have the confidence that they will learn from their mistakes.

Playing + Learning

Learning happens easily in STEM fields when an individual feels safe enough to play. Play requires an absorption in the activity or equipment that leads to a familiarity and skill level that can later be used for a specific purpose. In the T³ Alliance, time is allocated for students to play with technology and engage in healthy competitions that make learning fun.

Communications Skills

Communication skills are essential for any community engagement project and are introduced and practiced in the T³ Alliance on as needed basis. Whenever grant proposal needs to be written, a short video created, a website built, or a public presentation delivered there are specific tips and techniques that should be considered.


Growth Mindset Resources

Here’s some great resources for those who are implementing Growth Mindset with their students: STOKE DECK: Stanford’s is one of my go-to resources for anything creative, so I was a bit surprised when I found this particular one completely by accident.  I was looking for unique team-building tools, and “Stoke Deck” popped up.  This free […]

T3 Lesson 2: Growth Mindset

  Very soon after introducing T³Alliance it’s time to set the tone for the entire program with the introductory lesson on growth and fixed mindsets.   As outlined in the video above, this fits into three components:  1.  Teaching about growth mindset; 2 Set the tone with an ice breaker; and 3. Build a robot with […]

T3 Lesson 1: Overview of your Program

Its the first day that you meet up with your students and they want to know what T³ Alliance is all about!  Specifically, what will this year, or summer, or semester look like for them?   To put this lesson together, you will need to plan a program based on what your individual situation looks like […]

T3 Selfie Handout

Here’s the handout that Adam Low talked about for making a Selfie Station.    

Engineering the Community Engagement Process

The community engagement process can be a daunting task to start. Student preparation means that you have created a safe learning environment and helped students maintain a growth mindset.  This means primarily that you constantly celebrate speech patterns that support a growth mindset.  It also means that they have “played” with enough technology to feel that […]

Selfie station example project

Here is an example of an applied design thinking project done with a class of 17 students at the University of Hawaii Hilo Upward Bound T³ Alliance during the summer of 2018.  Node Red and physical Raspberry Pi setup instructions can be found on this post. Students had mastered the skills associated with basic physical […]

Growth Mindset: Brushbot competition

This is a continuation of the brush bot activity from the previous class.  It may be helpful to have some sort of prize, a 3d printed item or a certificate. Begin by asking if students got their brushbots to work?  To move in a way they wanted?  What variables were they able to change?  Ask […]

Growth Mindset: Building a Robot

For this lesson, you will want to have enough Brushbot kits for every student you are working with. Time: approx. 30 min. Part 1: Growth mindset and fixed mindset are some patterns that researchers have observed in students. Here are a series of statements that can be used to assess a person’s fixed or growth […]