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The growth mindset is the single most important predictor of how far a student will go in a STEM career field. Learning to reframe failures as learning opportunities is how students in the T³ Alliance are able to tackle the problems facing society.

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Growth and Fixed mindsets are states of mind that relate to a learner’s perception of how abilities and skillsets are acquired. An individual with a growth mindset tends to see challenges as opportunities for learning something new, while an individual with a fixed mindset tends to see a challenge as a threat to be avoided. Students in the T³ Alliance learn to recognize and utilize behaviors and patterns of speech that support the development of a growth mindset. Students who have a growth mindset feel safe enough to take risks and have the confidence that they will learn from their mistakes.

Playing + Learning

Learning happens easily in STEM fields when an individual feels safe enough to play. Play requires an absorption in the activity or equipment that leads to a familiarity and skill level that can later be used for a specific purpose. In the T³ Alliance, time is allocated for students to play with technology and engage in healthy competitions that make learning fun.

Communications Skills

Communication skills are essential for any community engagement project and are introduced and practiced in the T³ Alliance on as needed basis. Whenever grant proposal needs to be written, a short video created, a website built, or a public presentation delivered there are specific tips and techniques that should be considered.

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