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Hello T3Alliance Directors,
As your summer programs get up and running, we need you to identify a group of students within your Upward Bound program to be used as a comparison group to the T3 Alliance students. (I’ve cc’ed instructors here too in case it helps!)
Please select about the same number of students with a similar background and provide those names to the proper individual who can forward the survey link to the selected students. This comparison group will take the SOAR survey at the same time as the T3 Alliance students – both at the start and end of their UB program. The comparison group can come from a similar school or have a similar demographic distribution based on ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, etc. It does not matter what the comparison group is doing within their UB program or if they have the same instructor as the T3 Alliance students. The comparison group will be used in order to understand long-term goals of the T3 Alliance project.
You will be sent a separate link for the comparison group students to share with the instructors. Please find attached the consent form/information letter specifically for the comparison students. They are taking the same SOAR survey but have the T3Alliance logo and title removed. Follow the same instructions for the survey with both the T3Alliance students and the Comparison students.
Please refer questions specifically on the comparison group to Barbara on the evaluation team.
The Evaluation Team
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