3D Printing: 3D Printer Setup


Setup your QIDI 3D printer from un-boxing to first print

What You Will Learn: 

  • How to assemble your printer
  • How to level the bed of your printer
  • How to slice 3D STL models into files the printer can print

Parts List:

Un-boxing and Assembly

Printer Bed Leveling

Slicing Software Installation and Setup

To use the QIDI Tech 1 Dual Extruder 3D Printer you will need some software installed locally on a laptop/desktop computer.

The software we are using right now is this version of Makerbot Desktop  It will not work with “Makerbot Print” so please use Makerbot Desktop.

Once you have installed “Makerbot Desktop” open it and click on the “Prepare” tab at the top, you do not need to create a Makerbot account.

You need to to also go to “Devices” at the top and set your “Type of Device” to “Replicator (Dual)”

Now you can import a STL file

Now click on “Export Print File” and save the print file to a SD card connected to your computer.

Once the file is on the SD card you should eject it and plug it into the 3D printer.  Then proceed to print the file through the menu system on the printer.

image_pdfGenerate PDFimage_printPrint
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