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3D Printing: CAD – Design your thing!

Overview 3D Printing & Computer Aided Design (CAD) will allow students to discover the potential and limitations of 3D Printing through a build intensive design project. Students will learn how to use CAD software such as AutoDesk, SolidWorks, etc. An…

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3D Printing: Design – Nametags

Overview In this lesson, you will learn how to create a personal 3D nametag using TinkerCAD Before you start Have an internet connected laptop/desktop Has already created a TinkerCAD account Has familiarity with TinkerCAD controls Mouse (optional) Procedure Starting with…

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3D Printing: Design – Tinkercad

In this lesson, students will create a TinkerCAD account, as well as learn the basics of creating a 3D object. Creating a TinkerCAD Account Getting Started in TinkerCAD

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3D Printing: QIDI 3D Printer + Software Setup

Goal: Setup your QIDI 3D printer from un-boxing to first print - you can use other 3d printers but will have to find their own instructions What You Will Learn:  How to assemble your printer How to level the bed…

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Leveling The Nozzle

  If you find one of your nozzles is at a different level than the other the easiest way to fix this problem is to either file or sand down the nozzle to the same level as the other

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